Stickledown Range, Bisley

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Long range target shooting with the muzzle loading rifle offers the discerning rifleman opportunity to participate in a challenging and ultimately very rewarding discipline. The sport is rich in heritage and the origins of many of todays national shooting associations stem from the muzzle loading era.

The heyday of the long range muzzle loading rifle was broadly the period 1860-1880. The legacy of this short period of rifle development and competition is a wealth of muzzle loading rifles for the student to study, and a record of long-range accuracy that is a challenge for todays shooters to match.

Rigby match rifle

Rigby match rifle

“Of all our national pastimes, this is one which should be pursued for the sake only of the honourable distinction to be obtained, in excelling in an art, where both mental and physical gifts are developed.”

Anonymous author on match rifle shooting (1866)